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“I did not set out to design and build equipment.
It was born out of the necessity to perform at my best at what I love.”

Matt March - Founder

The first ever Paladin packs came out of a challenge from a mate. The challenge he presented me was to build field packs that were suitable for the job as a rifleman in the RAINF (Royal Australian Infantry) and specifically for a jungle deployment we were bound for. I initially laughed this off and thought it was impossible. Up until this point, I had only built a few bits and pieces of gear for myself using my skills from my background in an upholstery trade but nothing close to the complexity of a military field pack.

My mate kept persisting with the challenge and thanks to his stubbornness in pursuing the matter I said: “you get the F#*king materials and I will see if I can build these things!”. As with all things, the only way to get something done is by taking the initial step and most of the work was done in putting pen to paper in the design and a solid amount of hours were spent with the head pressed to the table and engineering the build in my head. This process was time well spent and the 5 P’s rule (Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance) paid off when the design was brought to life on a borrowed sewing machine.

The packs were eventually built and presented (with a huge amount of satisfaction) and with these, we deployed and gave them an absolute flogging. The packs held up to everything that was thrown at them along with being superior in comfort and practicality.

My hunting was also ramping up in these days and my initial trip into the Whataroa in New Zealand presented a series of questions on how to best go about hunting in this environment of steep mountains, scree slides and snow-covered bluffs chasing the fabled Bull Tahr. I threw away all conventional ways of thinking and set about finding a solution which naturally stemmed out of both my military and hunting experiences. This was to build something that covered all of the prerequisites I had set which was to be highly mobile, equipment always at hand and my rifle had to be quickly deployable to engage as required. What developed out of this was the initial load bearing hunting rig which was the very first prototype of the APEX Modular Rig and this system was the birth of creating every advantage possible within my hunting requirements.

These are the initial events that brought Paladin into existence.

Paladin Custom About Origins Hunting New Zealand NZ

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The vision of Paladin came sharp and clear in a moment of clarity, where a future could be forged doing the things that give sustenance to one’s life. From this moment it has simply been a matter of pushing relentlessly, through the highs and lows and sticking to the mission… Which is to build the best equipment possible.

This is the mindset, philosophy and way of living that is built into everything we do… We will constantly evolve our equipment and work tirelessly to better ourselves and our craft each and every day. This is simply the journey of life and to rest easy when the twilight years approach, the only thing that is left is knowing you gave everything in all that you do.

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Paladin has been a family run business from day one, my wife and I have built the business up through sweat and toil while raising three young children and we live and breathe every last part of it. As a family, we hunt and we harvest and enjoy the fruits of a lifestyle that presents challenges in many ways and the opportunity to overcome them.

Without the strength and love of this circle, I can not imagine we would be standing here today and ultimately, family is those that you choose and where the circle has proven itself through thick and thin… This is what Paladin is at its core.

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It has taken many years to get to where we are now. But through hard work and determination, along with the support of our loyal customers, we are growing rapidly.

Our goal is to get our gear to those who need our equipment and after much deliberation, we have decided to partner with an Australian military production facility that will handle the heavy manufacturing work for us.

This means that Paladin can focus on our core strength of innovative design and bring more unique products to market faster and at a much larger scale than before.

Paladin is built for the bold. The serious adventurer and independent critical thinker who solves problems and pushes beyond logical boundaries. We exist to empower you to overcome your challenges, conquer your fears and despite all odds, accomplish your mission.

Cheers mate… this one’s for you.

Paladin Custom.
New Paradigm.

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Paladin’s mission is to empower our customers to go further, faster and harder to reach their objective.

Core Values:


We strive to create the previously unimagined and unrealised.


Honour and loyalty above all else.


We guarantee our products forever. No questions asked.


Peerless form and function.


Go where few have gone.
Do things few have done.


To give back to those that give all.

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Design is the backbone of Paladin and raising this business as a custom shop providing military, hunting and civilian equipment has given a rich understanding of what it is that makes something work. The countless amount of hours working on machines and figuring out solutions on a daily basis has pushed the boundaries on ideas and these are limitless.

We only tolerate gear that achieves results in the field, survives the tests of time and the conditions of the environment it was designed for. Every piece of kit that we release has been thoroughly tested by ourselves and professionals around the world in the harshest and most demanding conditions.

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Paladins were the foremost knights in the middle ages. Their legendary exploits exemplify honour, courage and mastery of their skills. Paladins spark our imagination of the ideal warrior.

Paladin’s logo is derived from the visor of a knight’s helmet. It symbolises the heart and soul of the true warrior.

Matt March


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