Apex Modular Rig AMR Multicam Premium Paladin Custom

Apex Modular Rig™

n. [Ultimate Predator]

As the name suggests, the Apex Modular Rig™ (AMR) is at the top of the food chain when it comes to weapon carriage, retention and deployment. No other solution comes even close.

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At the heart of the AMR is the patent-pending Reflex™ Quick Release System. Meticulously designed and honed to perfection through evolution, it will change the way you hunt.

Secure and carry your weapon or other mission essential gear yet have instant access. No more sacrificing comfort or easy access to your equipment. With the AMR you can have both. There are many weapon carriage systems out there like slings and rifle packs but none perform like the Reflex™.

Paladin Custom Apex Modular Rig AMR Multicam
Paladin Apex Modular Rig AMR Reflex Hunting Video




Seconds count when you are on the hunt...

Don’t scramble to free your weapon from your pack and miss the opportunity. With the Reflex™ Quick Release system, you have on-demand access to your weapon when you need it.

Simple and Intuitive

A robust, fail-safe design. Tested and proven in the harshest of conditions. A simple pull on the tab releases weapon.

Reflex Quick Release RQR Paladin Apex Modular Rig AMR Multicam



Unrivalled mobility that allows you to hunt at your maximum capabilities.

No more hand carrying your rifle or bow. Keep your hands free for the task at hand such as glassing, checking coordinates on GPS or climbing a steep incline for a better vantage point. Unrestricted and efficient movement superior to every other system in the market. Conquer any obstacle or terrain.


The ultralight design ensures efficiency in gear carriage while maintaining effectiveness.


The load-bearing system is designed to be distributed centrally on the body, which allows for free-flowing movement.


Binos, radios, GPS, cameras along with every other item carried on you are all within reach and instantly accessible.



The ability to adapt is the ability to win.

The APEX Modular Rig (AMR), Modular Pouches and Utility Belt can be utilised to your capacity requirements. The AMR Chest Panel is compatible with any pack by using the X harness. As a whole, the system covers a multitude of requirements for any situation.